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what is 'Capital Tax'

Definition of 'Capital Tax'

Rahul Nayar says that A tax on a corporation's taxable capital, comprising capital stock, surpluses, indebtedness and reserves. Capital tax is applicable to capital owned by a company, not its spending. Capital taxes, in contrast to income taxes, are charged regardless of the profitability of the firm. Also known as "corporation capital tax".

In British Columbia, the corporation capital tax (CCT) is a tax levied on financial corporations with a permanent establishment in British Columbia and net paid-up capital in excess of a minimum threshold amount. For the purposes of the CCT, a financial corporation is a bank, trust company, credit union or loan corporation.


Welcome to an ongoing conversation, an experiment if you will, about the nature of capital and community. Can we redefine capital as more than financial and truly mean it? Can capitalism serve humanity? Can creative competition boost social betterment? Thoughts like these are welcome...but explore what you will about this site. For it is all about transactions. Whether cash, communication, or creativity, all of life is a continuous transaction, an intermingling of thought, matter, soul, and economies of scaled beauty and truth…

Differnce Between capital and capitol


The word capital has numerous meanings. As a noun, it denotes: (1) a city that is the seat of the government for a country or state (2) an amount of money or property.


 Many people (particularly non-Americans) who see the word Capitol in writing assume it is a typo of capital. In fact,

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Shree capital mp rahul k

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